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Give an alternative gift to a chocolate Easter egg. Our Easter cupcake designs are fun, bright and colourful, guaranteed to put a smile on kids and adults alike. From Easter bunny, to spring chickens our designs are perfect for an Easter celebration or even just a yummy desert after the traditional Easter Sunday dinner. What are you waiting for? Hop to it! 

Easter may be over for another year, but keep checking back for some new cake designs & perfect Easter gift ideas for Sunday 4th April 2021. 

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Did You Know?🤔


A lot of people celebrate Easter yet have no idea what it's really all about. For some people it's all about the Easter Bunny, chocolate Easter eggs and fun Easter egg hunts in the garden. However, Easter is really a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, it's the most important festival celebrated in the Christian calendar.

Jesus was crucified on the Friday (which is known to us now as Good Friday), it is a day of mouring in church for many Christians and Easter Sunday marks Jesus' resurrection.

So why do we give each other eggs at Easter? Thie giving of eggs actually celebrates new life and for Christians the egg is a symbol of the miracle of Jesus' rising from the dead, and when they are cracked open, they symbolis the empty tomb.



This year Easter is alot earlier than normal. Good Friday falls on Friday 25th March 2016, Easter Sunday 27th March 2016 and Easter Monday 28th March 2016. (Both Good Friday and Easter Monday are Bank Holidays in the UK...Yipee, that's 2 extra days off if you're lucky!)




  • An Easter egg covered entirely in diamonds sold for almost £9 million in 2007.

  • The UK’s first ever chocolate Easter egg was made by Fry’s of Bristol in 1873.

  • Around 76% of people eat the ears of a Chocolate Easter Bunny first, 4% eat the tail first and 5% the feet.

  • Cadbury's Creme Eggs first appeared in our shops in 1971!

  • The biggest EVER Easter Egg hunt to date was in Florida, USA on 1st April 2007 it included 501,000 Easter Eggs that were hunted down by 9,753 kids and their parents.

  • Hot cross buns were one of the earliest Easter treats given. They are marked with a cross in honour of Good Friday. European monks gave them to the poor during Lent.

  • About 500 million Cadbury's Creme Eggs are made every single year!

  • Every child in the UK receives an average of 8 Easter eggs every year, that's double their recommended weekly calorie intake for a whole week! Why not give them a cupcake instead;)

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