October 6, 2016

The Do's & Dont's of a Wedding Cake Consultation


So, you've narrowed down your potential cake makers, arranged consultations which each, now what next?

Going to a cake consultation is a great way to find that baker you trust and choose to create the wedding cake of your dreams.

It's a chance to get to know their abilities and style of work before they begin creating your masterpiece.


Want to know how to get the most from each of your cake consultations? Here's how ...


Be Prepared

Before your consultation it's recommended that you already have your date set and your venue selected. Going unsure of these elements can not guarantee the cake maker will be available and able to deliver to your chosen venue. You don't want to gamble falling in love with a certain cake maker who may not be available once all is confirmed.





Do your research

Most people have a vision of how they want their cake to look before even attending a cake consultation. Take along anything that could inspire and help your cake maker bring your vision to life. From invitations, fabric swatches, flowers, centrepieces and more.


Four key things to also consider and agree on prior to your consultation are:

• Style

• Size

• Flavour & Filling

• Budget




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