Q: Where are the cake decorating classes held?

A: Our cake decorating classes are held in our classroom on the Create a Cake premises.


Q: Do I have to bring anything with me?

A: No, everything you need will be provided.


Q: Can anyone join?

A: Yes, you don't need to be experienced to participate in our classes! Any age is welcome however if you are under 16 you must be accompanied by an adult.


Q: What are the costs

A: The costs of the classes vary, click here to see the prices of the classes that are available. If you prefer to pay in installments please call us for more information.


Q: Can I buy supplies?

A: A lot of what you'll need will already be in your kitchen cupboards but yes, all of the tools that you use in the workshop will be available to buy in our store.


Q: What will I learn?

A: What your learn will be included in the information of the class that you apply for.




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Q: What are the times and dates?

A: The times and dates of our classes will be stated in the class description, click here to view our available classes.



Q: Can I cancel a course I've bought?

A: Yes, If for any reason you need to cancel your class after booking, please note that you will have to do so within two weeks of the course date. We are unable to offer any refunds or changes as we will have turned away other customers from this course.


Q: Can I do a course/ lesson transfer

A: If you need to transfer your course to an alternative date or topic you may do so if it is more than two full weeks before your course date. A £15.00 transfer fee will apply.

Q: Do you deliver?


A: Unfortunately we don't currently deliver celebration cakes, we are collection only. However, we do deliver wedding cakes for a fee of £20. We have delivered to local venues in the past such as Formby Hall, The Devonshire House Hotel, Thornton Manor, Knowsley Hall and the Isla Gladstone.


Q: How much notice do you need?


A: Depending on the type of cake and occassion, we will let you know upon you contacting us. 


Q: I have an intolerance, can I still have a cake from you?


A: Yes, at Create a Cake, we offer gluten free and dairy free cakes as well as cakes suitable for diebetics and vegans, just let us know when you order your cake what you require.


Q: What are the costs?


A: Because our cake designs are so personal, the costs can vary,

click here to see an estimate of our cake sizes and prices. 


Q: How do I order?


A: Give us a ring or pop into the shop to discuss your creation, it's as easy as that!



Q: How do I look after my cake once I have collected it?


A: Every cake will come with these instructions 


- For full freshness, consume product within three days of collection.

- Consume cupcakes within two days of collection.

-Store in a cool,dry place - NOT IN THE FRIDGE.

- KEEP LEVEL - transport in the boot or footwell only.

- BE AWARE, cakes may contain some non-consumable goods such as wires, dowels or diamontes etc.